1980-93 AOD 2WD Trans To Dana 20



Ford AODE 2WD 1980-93 to Dana 20 Adapter Use this one if you are converting a 2WD AOD transmission.

Our Ford AODE adapter to the Bronco Dana 20 is 6.00" in length. The adapter material is 356 T-6 heat treated aluminum alloy, and the adapter has a provision to retain the original early Bronco mount. The adapter kit includes an adapter housing, new output shaft, spud shaft, retainer, bearing, snap ring, gasket, seal, o-ring, fastening hardware and adapter instructions.

The adapter assembly will fit any 1966-77 Bronco Dana 20 transfer case. T-style transfer case shifter linkage is required.

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1980-93 AOD 2WD Trans To Dana 20
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