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Early Bronco Front Disc Brake Kits

Early Bronco Front Disc Brake Conversion Kits

On the early Bronco front disc brakes are more than a convenience. Classic Ford Broncos came with perfectly adequate brake systems for their time. The problem is that period of time was 40 years ago and the typical tires were about 28 inches. Not only has brake technology advanced exponentially since then, these days most early Bronco owners are running much larger, heavier tires and rims. With larger tires, the braking system requires much more stopping power to work adequately. One of the best and most important upgrades you can make to your Bronco is a modern disc brake swap. In our opinion, upgrading to at least front disc brakes is an absolute must for any 66-77 Ford Bronco owner.

Wild Horses early Bronco disc brake conversion works on both Dana 30 and Dana 44 front ends. These were the two options offered from the factory for the first generation Ford Bronco. Our kits use ALL NEW parts, nothing is used or rebuilt. Upgrading to front disc brakes helps to eliminate the pulling issue common in full drum brake setups. Disc brakes are also much more reliable and are not likely to slip like factory drum brakes can in wet or icy conditions. Give us a call if you need help selectin the 66-77 Bronco disc brake conversion that's right for you.
Early Bronco Front Disc Brake Kits

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Front Disc Brake Hub, 76-77 Ford Bronco
Front Disc Brake Hub, 76-77 Ford Bronco Item: 3008
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Custom Brake Pedal Push Rod
Custom Brake Pedal Push Rod Item: 3062
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