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Early Bronco Clutch Assembly

Early Bronco Clutch Kits, Flywheels & Clutch Linkage

We have basic and deluxe versions of all our early Bronco clutch kits. The basic kits are generally what you see advertised elsewhere. Our deluxe 66-77 Ford Bronco clutch kits include all the related components that you would normally want to replace when putting in a new clutch (throwout bearing, pilot bearing and pressure plate bolts)

We have found three different size clutches used in the 66-77 Bronco. The 9", 10" and 11". The 11" being the most common. Clutch chatter or perceived clutch chatter is a very common problem on the short wheel based Bronco. We have found one sure fire way to check for honest to goodness clutch chatter. That is to remove the rear driveshaft and go for a spin in front wheel drive. Real clutch chatter will still be noticeable in front wheel drive. A surfaced flywheel and one of our new diaphragm clutch kits will take care of your clutch chatter problem.

Pilot Bushing or Bearing?
You are in opinion territory here and the debate about this goes on all the time. So here we go. It has been our experience that the pilot bearing is a better choice than the bushing. We have used both and found the bearings have held up better over the years. We have no problem supplying you the bushing if that is what you prefer.
Early Bronco Clutch Assembly

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Clutch Pedal Bumper, 66-77 Bronco
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NV3550 / NV4500 Pilot Bearing Bushing
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