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How to Fix Early Bronco Lean WILD HORSES Crew Spotlight Morgan Miller Sales & Customer Service

My name is Morgan Miller. I've been with Wild Horses since 2020, and in the off-road industry since about 2015. I've owned a Ford Ranger for a very long time and a lot of the upgrades Ford Rangers use come from Broncos. Broncos come with some of the best running gear, so I have first hand experience with the Bronco parts.

The last place I work was more of a general Rock-Crawler job not specific to any one vehicle, so when I started here at WILD HORSES I got bit by the Bronco bug. I had to have one, and within six months of starting here I took a road trip with my dad up to Washington and found my 1969 Bronco. We took it down to nothing and that's were we started the rebuild from.

The Bronco to me is an icon of freedom and creativity. You can take your Bronco anywhere, the Rubicon, Big Bear, Utah, desert trips. It's amazing to see what people do in all the different things you can do to a Bronco. Everybody's got a Jeep or Toyota, but the Broncos are the few and far between. Everybody's looking at your vehicle on the trail getting jealous of it and that's pretty cool.

Here at WILD HORSES I get to solve problems for customers, put my tech brain to work, and talk shop all day. It's pretty awesome! I love working with the people I work with. Everybody here has a good head on their shoulders. Everybody's down to earth and it's a great place to work. I feel honored to come to work every day and be a part of this such a great company. The Creel's are some of the most fair people that I've ever met and I'm very happy to be here .