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How to Fix Early Bronco Lean WILD HORSES Crew Spotlight Jeremy Sequeira Sales & Customer Service Manager Jeremy brings with him a long history of customer service and sales experience. He enjoys weekend outings and camping with his family and friends and can usually be found next to the grill. Being a chef for many years, he is the one usually nominated to cook. Jeremy is constantly honing and expanding his knowledge and expertise on the 66-77 Broncos. With new products, styles, customers and new found Broncos every day, Jeremy enjoys the day to day variety and the creativity it sometimes brings. While he has not yet lassoed his own Philly, Jeremy would love to own a Bronco. His dream would be a 75 "Baja inspired" Bronco, with a moderate lift and supple suspension, capable on and off road. Steve Long of Oklahoma flexing his early Bronco. Shop Early Bronco Body Lifts