Headers & Gaskets

Wild Horses Early Bronco 5.0 Shorty Headers

These 66-77 Ford Bronco shorty headers were specifically designed for Wild Horses to fit early Broncos with late model 5.0 fuel injected engines. They will also fit factory early Bronco 289 and 302 V8 motors. No starter interference problems and easy installation. These are the best early Bronco headers for low-end torque and horsepower. Pick one of three coatings. Our regular stainless steel or one of our advanced coatings: ceramic or titanium. Both of these help keep under hood temps cooler. They come complete with all hardware gaskets and starter tubes with or without fittings to hook up O2 sensors.
  • Heavy wall 14 gauge steel tubing
  • 3/8" flanges
  • Thick steel collector dome
  • Lifetime warranty

Wild Horses Early Bronco Pro Flow Headers for 289, 302 & 351W

Our Pro Flow long tube early Bronco headers have a number of features that make them the best you can buy for the money.
  • 3/8" flanges to prevent warping
  • Made of 16 gauge 1 1/2'' diameter tubing
  • Modern "dome" style colectors eliminate colector gasket
  • One piece construction
One model fits 66-77 Ford Broncos with 289, 302 and 351W. Headers don't need to be removed in the event of starter trouble. Complete with hardware and gaskets.


  • None of our headers will fit the 302 engines with 3 or 4 port air injector tubes. These were sometimes used on 74-75 Broncos as part of the emissions system. All of the headers can be modified to fit by grinding clearance on header flange.
  • None of our headers are designed to fit 5.0 "P" heads.
  • Headers do not require any modification of the smog system to render it inoperable. Existing smog systems should always stay intact. Consult your local laws before ordering.