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Do You Have 3-Core or 4-Core Mounts?

Seeing that you are in possession of the most modified Ford of all time we felt you might want some way to know if your radiator needs 3 or 4 core mounts. Some 4 core radiators fit in what is commonly called 3 core or stock V-8 radiator mounts, but most don't. One of the most common modifications to an EB is to put in a 4 core radiator. Our goal is to get you the right part the first time so let's break out our tape measures. We have found that most 4 cores measure 3" wide at the tank as shown. The stock Bronco V-8 3 core is approximately 2.5" in the same spot. These spots are right where the mounts go over the tanks. OK so you come up with 2.75" in that case we would squeeze the radiator into the 3 core mounts. Our mounts use soft rubber insulators for better shock absorption and fitment of slightly varying core thinknesses.

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