Show Your Pride!

Excited about your classic Bronco, full-size, or off-road vehicle? Do you love to show it off?

WILD HORSES Four Wheel Drive is wanting to feature YOUR vehicle in our marketing materials! We need customer-submitted photographs to spotlight exclusively in our magazine, print, and web advertisements, our catalogs, you name it!

  • Each photo must be at least 200 dpi
  • Each photo must be clear. Blurry photographs cannot be used.
Here's what you need to do:
  • Attach your photos as a separate attachment, not inline.
  • Make sure to post your:
    • First and Last Name
    • City and State
    • Year and Vehicle Model
    • Body Lift Size (if any)
    • Suspension Lift Size (if any)
    • Tire Size
    • Any other things worth mentioning.
  • Do your best to have an interesting background.
  • Action photos are always popular!
Muddy, clean, or dented, we want to see those photos! Send us your photos today!

Use the form at the bottom of this page to send any images you would like to share. Our graphics editor will add them to the appropriate scrapbook.


Please make sure your photo is in-focus and clearly represents the product prior to submitting. Be sure your Bronco brings its A-game and is sparkling clean. Any image uploaded that does not accurately portray the product will not be featured. Please submit your picture only once and it will be reviewed within 2 business days.

A few tips to help capture a great photo

  1. Install the product first.
    Help others see what the product looks like installed on your car or engine.

  2. Avoid glare and bright reflections.
    Let your car shine, not the camera flash.

  3. Shoot in a well-lit area.
    Dawn and dusk shots look pretty but do not always show the products well.

  4. Don't apply a filter.
    Save those for Instagram and Facebook #WildHorses4x4

  5. Hold the camera sideways.
    If you are using your phone's camera, shoot it in landscape mode.

  6. Taking a wide-shot?
    Consider your surroundings - close the garage door, let's focus on your Vehicle!

Submit A Photo


*By submitting an image, you are warranting that you are the current owner of the image and have the ability to convey all rights to the image to By submitting the image, you are aware and intend to transfer all property rights in the same to Images may, at the discretion of, be modified for use on the pages of our web site, catalogs, advertisements, social media accounts or any other promotional materials. Customer names, when appropriate, will be included with the images. Finally, personal contact information given in the above form will not be sold, rented, leased, etc. and will only be used to contact you regarding this program.