Baja Kits 2021+ Ford Bronco Stock Width Billet Upper Arm BLACK

Item #: 6G-6038


The Ford Bronco was designed to be an aggressively driven off-roader, and with that usage case in mind, our friends at Baja Kits wanted to take the platform to an even greater level. With their tried-and-tested products, you'll be tasked with finding terrain that will put up a fight. However, if you do find yourself in that rock/hard space scenario, rest-assured that Baja Kits parts have been made following the best quality and testing standards that have given Baja Kits the street credit in the off-road scene. From championship race builds to weekend warrior projects, if you want the best for your Bronco, look no further than this Baja Kits Products from WILD HORSES 4x4. Read below for more details.

The Baja Kits Advantage:

  • Billet Aluminum Machined in house on our CNC Mill
  • CNC Top cap with O-ring keeps debris and water out of your uniball joint
  • 3/4 Rod end inner pivots offer incredible strength over stock bushings and add open the door to custom caster/camber adjustment for custom or details setup applications
  • 1" Hi angle Trophy Truck grade uniball replace the weak stock ball joints that fail under high angles and loads seen from normal offroad use
  • Our CNC machined corrosion resistant misaligns have a tapered snout to adapt your stock upright/spindle with ease
  • We've increased the caster angle that you lose when lifting a truck with stock arms to regain on road stability, handling and alignment

Technical Specs:

  • Wheel Travel: Unlocks the potential for 2.5"+ more wheel travel when paired with king shocks
  • Track Width - Stock width
  • Lift - 0-3"

Product Requirements:

  • Shocks - Aftermarket Replacement 2.5
  • Tire Size 35" are recommended, 37's are possible but aggressive & May need to limit steering for proper clearance
  • Wheel Size - 17" rim with 4.5/4.75" max backspacing

WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.
Baja Kits 2021+ Ford Bronco Stock Width Billet Upper Arm BLACK
Item #: 6G-6038