Dana 44 Lockers & Differentials

Early Bronco Dana 44 Lockers & Differentials

Get the most out of your 71-77 Ford Bronco Dana 44 front end with a new locking differential from Dana Spicer, ARB, Yukon or Eaton. For a bit of guidance on selecting the right locker for your early Bronco Dana 44 front axle, see the guide below:

Dana 44 Air Lockers: ARB Air Locker & Yukon Zip Locker: The ARB Air Locker and Yukon Zip Locker offer 100% lockup when engaged, yet work like an open carrier when turned off. This is a great setup as you get the benefits of a full locker off-road without the irritations of driving with full lockup on the street. Requires and on-board air compressor to function.

Dana 44 Lockers: Yukon Grizzly Locker & Detroit Soft Locker: The Yukon Grizzly Locker and Detroit Soft Locker are 100% automatic locking differentials. These lockers offer maximum traction for your off-road adventures. Unlike the air lockers, these lockers are fully active at all times making them ideal for an early Bronco that will spend a large part of its time off-road. These drive good on road, but when turning in a parking lot, expect to hear your tires chirp a bit as the locker will want to push both wheels at the same rate. These lockers have no clutches to wear out, making them a durable option for heavy off-road use.

Dana 44 Limited Slip Differentials: Dana Spicer Track-Lock and Yukon Dura-Grip: Limited slip differentials are ideal for a road-worthy early Bronco that may see some light to moderate trails. These are clutch-driven positraction devices designed to direct torque where it's needed most. Limited slips allow the axles to spin at different speeds limiting wheel spin and ensuring balanced torque at each end of the axle. This ensures better traction in slippery situations where the tires have potential to slip. Installing a clutch-driven positrac device requires clutch friction additive.