2009 WILD HORSES Bronco Racing in Baja

Item #: Baja
Baja Racing includes many perils. After rolling down a hill into some rocks, the WH donated parts were still in good shape and will be reused on the next body.


We want to thank Dan and the racing team for giving the Silverbacks a real-world test at the 2009 Baja 1000 Race. Dan stopped at WILD HORSES in Stockton on his way south and we got to see the Bronco racer in all its beauty.
At mile 33, the racer took a hard hit on the front right side from a booby trap. The hit had caused the lower side of the C to break the weld and move outward a bit; so it went to the pit. With some team work, grinding prep, and a come-along, the C was back in place, and welded up. An hour was lost, but the racer was back on the road.

Shortly after the mile 80 marker, the racer came to a sharp outside turn and hooked the right front tire over the edge. Momentum and gravity did the rest. The Bronco rolled down a hill into some large rocks and was laying on its side. It was getting dark when the chase Bronco arrived to right the racer. Amazingly the racer had survived the roll and both Jason and Russ came through without a scratch. The roll cage had done its job. It took 3 hours to remove a large rock so the racer could be retrieved. It took another 3 hours to get the racer back up to the road. The race was officially over for the Bronco.

All of the sheet metal except the doors was gone. The hood had a small crack but could be fixed for a spare. The rear end was tweaked and will have to be replaced, as well as one of the axle shafts. The front end housing is toast and will have to be replaced along with the right radius arm. Amazingly, all of the lights survived. Door pins are needed on the right door; the right front coilover needs a new shaft; the steering box needs a new sector shaft; a front CV joint and the GPS antenna will need to be replaced.

Even though none of the sheet metal survived, all of the WILD HORSES Silverback Fender Flares did. They are as tough as promised. They were twisted, beaten, and scratched but they're not damaged nor broken. We'll be able to remove them and reinstall them on the new fender! Better luck next year!