TRASHAROO Off-Road Trash Bag

Item #: 9179
The TRASHAROO Off-Road Spare Tire Bag will hold up to 50 lbs of supplies!

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TRASHAROO Off-Road Trash Bag
Item #: 9179

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning


The TRASHAROO Off-Road Spare Tire Trash Bag will hold up to 50 lbs! It is made from heavy duty Denier canvas with double stitched webbing for strength and comes with a built-in 8" zipper in the top flap for storage. It has UV buckle covers to protect it from the elements and has a water resistant PVC coating on the interior.

The "X" straps will securely attach the Trasharoo to the 30" - 40" spare tire it was designed for but will also work on rollbars, tailgates, and ladders.

The Trasharoo has unlimited uses!
  • Store your wet suit or surfing gear.
  • Store your muddy hunting waders.
  • Haul firewood and charcoal into camp.
  • Store your off-road recovery equipment.
  • Haul dirty sports equipment to the field.
  • Keep disposable diapers and other trash outside the car.
  • Pack out all of your trash in the back country.

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Great bag
May 7, 2021  |  By Bobi Hernandez
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This bag sure is strong and durable! So glad to have purchased it for trailing and camping!

Can't Wait To Use It Again!
Jul 10, 2017  |  By Darwin Hopper
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First thing after using the Trasharoo, I will enjoy this product for many years to come I am sure. Now I do have friends that are from SoCal and other places where they have to drive 40 miles to start and this is probably great for camping in the deep desert or woods or Mountains for a trash container but where I go, it is park the Crawler Hauler and the trail starts at the gate. When I got this out of the package I was impressed how thick and tough the material is. Getting the draw cord to close the bag is a challenge because of the material is tough and thick. I just sat on the couch watching TV and would pull the string taught and wrinkle the material a little at a time until I got the opening as small as I wanted. Well a spur of the moment trip was going to happen in Hot Springs, Arkansas, ORV Park and I had gotten my Bronco loaded and had covered it with my Wildhorses Cover thank goodness the night before because that morning it started to pour. I had a ton of stuff to load in my truck still: pillows, blanket, towels, brief case full of important off-road stuff, video camera in a case, lantern, MSD Spares, Extra Rain Gear, Boots, Shirts, Jeans, socks, etc, Instead of packing a suit case, I threw it ALL into the Trasharoo, into the truck, and I'm gone. Not 16 or 18 trips to the truck. It holds a LOT of Stuff. For me, it is to nice to simply put trash in. On my return trip, I lost a Head gasket in my Crawler Hauler and I knew it was going into the shop. So I simply unloaded the contents from my trip and went and emptied out my F350 crew cab into the Trasharoo. Did I mention this thing is Large and holds a lot of stuff? I know this item will be around for a long time, and I am also looking at getting some pouches for it as it is setup for more . It might be a product I would not maybe look for, but having it on ONE trip, I am sure it is a product that I would miss not having. This would make a great gift for the Bronco owner that has everything. Thanks, Wild Horses, I cannot wait to enjoy its use again!

Great product
Aug 5, 2015  |  By Edgar
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Good value. Good price

Jun 22, 2014  |  By 74Bronk
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A must for all Off Roaders. The Trash-A-Roo is a convent way to keep your trash out of your rig. I love mine and have given a few away as gifts! Great product!

Trash camp gear or whatever!
Oct 5, 2011  |  By Jim Creel
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The photo you see was taken on the Barrett Lake Trail. I took 3 of my four kids out camping/wheeling. I loaded up the Trasharoo with sleeping bags, air mattress, tent etc. So much for loading it with trash. This is a really nice bag for whatever you might want to carry in it.