5.5 System 3 w/Rancho 9000Xs

Item #: 0103RA5.5N
Add our full leaf spring pack to the basic suspension kit and you will improve the looks while maintaining a comfortable ride, especially when compared to the add-a-leaf kits. This system is a favorite of the cruising and camping crowd.
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Basic Suspension Systems Plus System 3
The plus is for ride quality! By adding our full leaf spring pack to the basic kit you will maintain a comfortable ride, especially when compared to the add-a-leaf kits. The look will be the same but the ride is much better. These systems are a favorite of the cruising and camping crowd.

Includes front coils, 14 pc. bushing kit, rear 11 leaf pack springs, rear spring and shackle bushing kit, 4 Extreme shocks with boots and U-bolts. Trac bar drop bracket is included with 5.5" systems.

Watch Your Caster Angle
The caster angle is defined as the number of degrees backward (positive) or forward (negative) of the tilt of the king pins (Dana 30) or ball joints (Dana 44) in relation to a vertical line through the center of the front end.

Caster correction on lifts over 3.5"
These are our observations from years of building early Broncos. We know there are always exceptions to the rules, but we have noticed about 90% of Broncos with wandering problems are the result of incorrect caster. The specification for Bronco caster is +4 to +9 . When the Bronco is lifted, the caster will move in the negative direction. Properly installed degreed C-bushings will move the caster back in the positive direction. Because of the caster issue about 50% of Broncos going to a 4.5" lift and most Broncos going to a 5.5" lift will need more caster correction than the standard 7 degree C-bushing. The additional correction can be addressed in a number of ways. These three are the most common.
1. Radius arm drop brackets: Only drawback with this method is the unavoidable loss of ground clearance.
2. Long radius arms: This is the most common method of correcting caster on taller lifts. Advantages include maintaining ground clearance, additional articulation off-road and improved handling.
3. Bending the stock radius arms: We know this is old school, but long before degreed C-bushings people were lifting Broncos and bending the stock arms to achieve good caster.

WE RECOMMEND upgrading the stock diameter U-bolt kit included in this system to our Extreme Duty U-Bolt Kit for only $38.

The force and stress placed on stock components by off-roading is enormous. We noticed that we were bending the stock u-bolt plates so we set out to build some that could take abuse. We also noticed the stock 1/2" u-bolts are pretty weak. It may seem kind of simple to take a piece of thick metal and drill some holes. We have seen those types of plates. The problem is the edge of a plate like this causes a ridged pressure point and can cause the spring to break at that point. We invested in tooling that routers the edge of our plates. In doing so we are able to keep a stock type edge which compliments the spring when it's articulating. These are a must have for trail runners and rock crawlers. Keep your rear axle and springs mounted solid!

You will need to add a drop pitman arm (see below) to keep the draglink and trac bar in alignment unless you already have one or are using the inside of the frame F100 2WD steering box conversion. Call us if you have any questions.

WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

Information We Need

* Coil Spring Color

* U-bolt Kit

* Add Pro-pack Hardware kit (#1009)

5.5 System 3 w/Rancho 9000Xs
Item #: 0103RA5.5N