Stainless Steel J-shifter Twin Stick

Item #: 8577NET
The original twin stick for the J-shift transfer cases in stainless steel!
Fits C4, C6, and 3 speed manual.


The stainless steel version of our original twin stick for the J-shift transfer cases! Slight modification to shift rail and tunnel cover hole is necessary.

Dana 20 Twin Stick Shifters We get calls all the time about the Dana 20 being "hard to shift". After shifting hundreds of these T cases ourselves we would say it can take some finesse to shift the Dana 20. You can make it easier with the installation of a twin stick shifter. The twin sticks allow for shifting one rail at a time (front or rear) whereas the original shifters have both rails connected together, making it harder to shift. The twin sticks come with WH shifter knobs and mounting hardware.

Equal Throw Design means that both sticks are in the same spot front to back when they are in 4 high, neutral, and 4 low. This allows for instant recognition of what gear you are in at any given time.

Pre-bent Shifters are closer to the driver for quick easy gear selection.

Options: One thing we like to do is give our customers options so you can pick and choose what you like and what works best for you.

Complete Kit or Twin Stick & Knobs: You can purchase each part separately or buy it as a complete kit including knobs, boot, and tunnel cover.

Shift Knobs: Choose one of five styles of shift knobs. Black, billet (+$20), billet with tire tread (+$35), billet pistol grip BLACK (+$70) or billet pistol grip CLEAR ($70)

WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.


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Stainless Steel J-shifter Twin Stick
Item #: 8577NET