Power Tank System A - 10 lb.

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The Power Tank System 10 lb. Package A System includes all of the basic parts for a great starter air system.
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The PT10 Package A System is one of our top selling Power Tank air systems. It's clean and simple and includes all of the basic parts for a great starter Power Tank air system.

Note: The slickest way to mount your Super Bracket to a roll cage is to use our ABC rollbar clamps.

Package A includes: PT10 Aluminum Tank (powder coated) w/ Nickel Plated Valve, SuperFlow HP250i Regulator, 25' HP1200 braided hose, Power Grip Guard, Super Bracket, Tank Boot, and a Regulator Cover.

Options Available:

Regulator Selection Every COMP Series system comes with a high performance SuperFlow HP250i Regulator (250 PSI / 45 CFM).

For maximum performance you can upgrade your COMP Series regulator to a PRO Series XP400i regulator (400 PSI / 48 CFM / dual gas). The PRO Series XP400i SuperFlow Regulator works with both CO2 and nitrogen (N2) which means you can also use it to pressurize your N2 shocks. Now you can run air tools, reseat tires, and fast fill tires with CO2 AND pressurize your N2 shocks using the same regulator. The XP400i offers a 400 PSI max outlet pressure and glycerin (liquid) filled high pressure stainless steel gauges to handle desert truck action. You provide the N2 bottle. Don't forget the N2 valve to CO2 reg. adapter (PN FIT-0002). NOTE: This is a $50 UPGRADE part number. To get this XP400i PRO Series regulator upgrade you MUST choose the XP400i regulator option under "Regulator Options" below when placing your order for a Power Tank system.

Other Options for hoses, brackets, and couplers are available below.

WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

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Power Tank System A - 10 lb.
Item #: 9501