M1A1 Stainless Tank 23 Gallon for 66-77 Bronco with Skid Plate

Item #: 9662SKNET
CAPACITY: 23 Gallons/87 Liters

CONSTRUCTION: 14 GA Stainless steel, tig welded

BULLET PROOF: 3/16 inch thick form fitting skid plate

ADJUSTABLE: Fits 0-3 inch body lift

GROUND CLEARANCE: Maximized by design



WH has moved the Early Bronco fuel tank into the modern era.

The M1A1 is made from 14 gauge stainless steel. Leave the rust worries behind.

You won't see the typical waves and distortion found on most after market Bronco tanks on the M1A1 Our welders are true artists. The craftsmanship is second to none on these fully tig welded tanks.

A convenient drain plug is located on the side of the tank.

The M1A1 is secured under your Bronco with a pair of custom made heavy duty candy cane bolts

The 3/16" thick armor skid plate with has side and bottom protection. The form fitting skid plate can take a beating while creating an impenetrable shied for your tank against menacing trail boulders.

The M1A1 fuel pick up module can be used with or without an in-tank fuel pump. We've made it easy to swap out later if your needs change. The module provides ports for fuel supply, fuel return and venting.

Fuel capacity is 22-23 gallons so you won't have to worry on those longer excursions.

The new Isspro sending unit is a custom made just for the M1A1.

The M1A1 design optimizes ground clearance which also gives a much more stealthy look from behind than previous versions.

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WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.
M1A1 Stainless Tank 23 Gallon for 66-77 Bronco with Skid Plate
Item #: 9662SKNET


Check out the Product Briefing and the Installation Here!

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The M1A1 Tank
Jun 15, 2020  |  By allen casatico
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An absolute quality work of art in design and welding.Iam glad i made this upgrade, only issues I had ,was that somehow I got a pickup gasket with only 8 holes instead of 16. I was able to Magiver it with a leather hole punch, also they should just include the extended filler hose with kit, you cannot swap out a stock tank without it due to the Sherman having a metal filler 3 inches shorter than stock tank. Also make sure drain plug is tight directions doesn't even mention the drain plug. That aside I highly recommend this upgrade fits like a glove,skidplate is much beefier than stock. Truly the nicest tank on the market!

M1A1 23 gallon fuel tank
Sep 20, 2018  |  By Skip Hendricks
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I finished the tank installation a couple of days ago. It took about an hour to install the fuel module and sending unit. It took about 5 hours for a buddy and I to remove the old tank and install the new one. You definetly need two people for this install. It was fairly easy but you do need to wrestle the fuel filler inlet and vent outlet on the tank past the frame rail. The installation kit comes with all the hardware needed for the installation. Some tweaking of the tailpipes with be needed because they interfere with the mounting tabs and candy cane bolts. This is a very well thought out tank. Wild Horses hit a home run with this tank.