Holley Sniper EFI 2300 TBI Two Barrel Black Ceramic Finish



NEW! The Sniper EFI 2300 is perfect for any vehicle that came standard with a 2300 Holley Flange. It's economically priced so you can have all the benefits of EFI and still have money to finish or upgrade your ride! Put an end to cold start issues, hesitations, vapor lock, and flooding. Upgrade to Sniper EFI and get the tactical accuracy of EFI today!
  • Bolt on 2300 Flange Carburetor Replacement
  • Throttle body mounted ECU - no extra boxes to mount
  • Supports upt to 350HP with two 100 lb/hr injectors
  • Only 4 wiring connections required! (Battery +, Battery -, Switched Ignition and RPM)
  • Internal fuel pressure regulator eliminates the hassle of plumbing an external fuel pressure regulator (Preset to 58.5 PSI)
  • Integrated ignition timing control
  • High Resolution Full Color Touchscreen for initial Setup, Tuning, and Gauge Displays
  • Simple Calibration Wizard (answer a few questions about your engine and it creates the base map, then starts tuning on its own!) NO laptop required!
  • Self-tuning ECU means you don't have to be a computer/tuning wiz to have EFI!
  • The included Genuine Bosch LSU 4.9 Wideband Oxygen Sensor provides realtime Fuel Map Learn!
  • OEM Style TPS/IAC and Fuel Pressure regulator, for years of dependable service.
  • Included clamp-on oxygen sensor kit for 2.25" exhaust ensures a leak free oxygen sensor installation, with Stainless Steel T-Bolt clamps and a Stainless Steel (weldable) oxygen sensor flange
  • Equipped with C4/C6 Ford transmission kickdown lever as well as TH350, 400, and 700R4 provisions
  • Accepts many common 5 1/8" OEM or aftermarket air cleaner assemblies
  • Sniper EFI software free to download which allows for realtime tuning
  • Printable throttle body flange template included

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WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.
Holley Sniper EFI 2300 TBI Two Barrel Black Ceramic Finish
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