4340 Gold U-Joints Pair



The 4340 forged material alone yields approximately 25% strength increase over OEM joints. The increased trunnion size yields about 72% strength increase, eliminates needle bearings which can disintegrate during extreme use and eliminates needle-bearing lock up. (Will not fit stock axle)

* The ironically bonded coatings eliminates the need for bearings or bushings and prevents gauling from metal to metal contact.
* Each cap & trunnion has its own 300 PSI-pressurized grease reservoir to replenish grease as it is consumed. The pressure keeps out water and debris that are normally sucked into OEM joints during water crossings, deep mud, and pressure washing. Bding able to grease each cap prevents caps from being starved for lubrication.
* The unique cross & trunnion periphery allows larger cross section to be installed in small yoke configurations without using a multi-piece cross design. Moving the shear planes out lessens the stress significantly.
* We supply a high temperature copper & graphite grease of finely divided soft metals & solid lubricant which prevents metal to metal contact under 200,000 psi loads and will not break down in temperatures up to 2000º F.
* Full circle snap rings prevent caps from working our of axle cups.

WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.
4340 Gold U-Joints Pair
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