FlowKooler Water Pump For 96-2001 Explorer 5.0 Engine



This FlowKooler water pump fits the 1996-2001 Ford Explorer 5.0 motor. This motor is commonly used to swap into the early Bronco because of it's EFI system and the maximum clearance between the radiator and water pump. This allows for a lot of cooling system upgrade with bigger electric fans.

FlowKooler's hi flow water pump features a CNC machined aluminum impeller system with 10 vanes, impeller shrouding and reduced casting-to-impeller vane clearances for improved flow rates and flow efficiency. There are multiple benefits from the pump's higher flow rates at lower speeds.

1. Reduced engine temperatures from decreasing the cycle time between the source and sink.

2. Increased system pressure eliminating trapped air and preventing the formation of hot spots and steam pockets.

3. Horsepower conservation through pump flow efficiency.

4. Preventing cavitation at higher speeds through flow efficiency

WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.
FlowKooler Water Pump For 96-2001 Explorer 5.0 Engine
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