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1966 Ford Bronco

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1966 Ford Bronco Product Announcement


Blast off in a Bronco!

Bronco adds excitement to the going, wherever you go: through the woods for hunting, up to streamside for fishing, through snow, and over beaches. Lots of oomph from a smooth six-cylinder powerplant and 4-wheel traction makes it possible. Transmission is fully synchronized; you can downshift without stopping. Mono-beam suspension with big radius rods makes coil springs practical: result - Bronco rides smoothly as a sedan. But how many sedans turn in a 34-foot circle? or boast a protected underside? Try the Roadster, Wagon, or Sports Utility for a special kind of driving fun - on or off the road.

Blaze a Bronco trail to where the fun is!
Bronco, the new 4-wheel drive from Ford!

You'll have a lot more fun in '66 - If Bronco has a part in it! Bronco is the new kind of sports car with 4-wheel drive.

Your Bronco will take you up hills too steep for roads. Over beach sand. Through unplowed snow (plow it too, if you wish). Bronco will take you into the woods for hunting. And right to the banks of lakes and streams for swimming and fishing.

Smooth six-cylinder power gives you the muscle you need for rough terrain. . . and the speed for expressway cruising.

Husky radius rods permit the use of soft-riding coil springs up front. So Bronco is a comfortable car for everyday family needs - shopping, running errands, and driving to school or work.

Let Ford's frisky Bronco bring a new kind of living into your life!


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