HD Aluminum Brake Master Cylinder, 1-1/8 Bore, 3/8-24 Ports


HD Aluminum Brake Master Cylinder, 1-1/8 Bore, 3/8-24 Ports
Item #: 3083

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning


Heavy duty Aluminum 1 1/8" bore master cylinder
This replacement master cylinder has twin large capacity reservoirs especially suitable for 2 or 4-wheel disc brakes. It can be used with vacuum assist brakes, hydro boost power brakes, or even manual brakes**. This master has the common 3/8"-24 fittings on both sides so you can route your brakes lines as you see fit. Included are plugs to block off the unused ports.

If you do not want to worry about adapting your existing hoses/lines, upgrade to our #3077 hose kit seen to the right on this page.

Included items: Bench bleeding kit, port plugs, and bore adapter for short-rod boosters.

**Note: Manual brake systems require the deeper piston back bore to safely accommodate their longer pedal rods. Therefore ALL manual installations require that the "bore adapter" (see image above) be left out, or removed if already installed, to allow safe rod engagement. In manual setups more pedal pressure will be required due to the larger than stock bore of this master cylinder.

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Bench Bleeding a Master Cylinder