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Paul B is affiliated with WH but no longer in house. He can be found answering questions most days under his screen name "DirtDonk" at

Paul has been off-roading motorcycles and various trucks for more than 50 years and has been selling auto parts for over 30 years.


Paul had some great times watching and helping his dad maintain the family cars and weekend race at Rally and Autocross events. Going to Laguna Seca in the early sixties to watch road racing was a highlight without a doubt. He walked the track with his dad and watched him take photographs of many now legendary racers. It didn't take long before he was doing the same and volunteering as a timer and track helper at local club autocross events. His candid and action photos at those racing events have given him a life full of memories.

Paul bought his first motorcycle in 1968. All the extra garage tinkering didn't go unnoticed and his dad began to teach him the basic mechanics first, then how to fix or rebuild just about anything on a car. After his first full engine rebuild and mild restoration in 1972, he was off and running.

Working on cars has been more fun than profit though, working mostly, it seems, on other's cars and trucks rather than his own. Lots of good times have been spent underneath a hood or wheel well with friends. He is also the go-to neighbor for the neighborhood kids when a bike, scooter or skateboard needs some attention. It's a strategy that helps keep the parents at bay when they might otherwise start to question why all the cars and trucks parked in front of the house are starting to get too thick.

First with motorcycles, then cars, he took his first off-road excursion in a Bronco in December of 1967 with a family friend in the hills around Lake Isabella (CA) and was hooked. After his first Rubicon trip with friends in '75 and getting his own early Bronco in '76, it's been downhill ever since!

Paul has over 30 years of experience working in the auto industry. He has been an independent sales representative for Trailmaster Suspensions, Hi-Lift Jacks, Bushwacker, Kayline, Bestop, and others. He joined the WILD HORSES family in 2012 and continues to help customers on the internet help forums whenever possible.