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Cory has been working on race cars for over 20 years. He also raises goats, chickens, and has a large vegetable garden.


Cory became involved in mechanics as a little boy helping his grandfather in his shop. He became such a good mechanic that his cousin lied about his age when he was 15 so Cory could be in his pit crew. Shortly after, he bought and rebuilt a VW bug. Then he walked into a VW auto shop and asked for a job. When the owner saw and heard his VW, he was hired on the spot to work after school every day repairing and rebuilding engines.

After high school, he decided he needed further training so he got a job at an Auto Electric shop where he learned firsthand the ins and outs of automotive electrical diagnostics and repair while still working in a racing pit crew. Eventually, he opened his own shop with a partner building hot rods and became the crew chief on a NE1 Nostalgia Eliminator Front Engine Dragster which runs the quarter mile in 7.6 seconds at 175 mph on 20% Nitro.

After a few years, he realized that being his own boss was more work than profit so he accepted a position at WILD HORSES and drives a 93 prerunner Ranger project on which he has installed WILD HORSES 3.5" front coils, Extreme Lower Coil Cups, and WILD HORSES Shocks.