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Justin enjoys rock crawling, camping, cycling, and fishing with his wife and three children.


Justin grew up with a love for trucks and off-roading thanks to his Dad who took him to all the Monster Truck events in his area. As a young teenager, his buddies took him with them offroading and his favorite vehicle on the trail became the classic Ford Bronco. He decided that when he was old enough to drive, that would be the truck he would buy. Unfortunately, when he turned 16, the price of early broncos were already out of his reach so he found a cheap 71 Scout 800. As often as that truck broke down, he gained quite an education in mechanical repairs. A few years later, he was able to trade it off and purchase a 65 FJ40 Landcruiser that he built from the ground up to be his daily driver as well as a rock crawler. For ten years he spent every available weekend wheeling on the rubicon and camping in the wilderness.

Then he met a girl and wheeling took a back seat to growing a family. He sold his Landcruiser and got a job selling hardware to businesses. That is how he met Jim. He made a cold call on a business and found out they specialized in parts for his favorite truck. It wasn't long and Jim offered him a job.

One day when the phones weren't ringing, he was looking at the trucks for sale on Craigslist. A 73 Bronco was listed nearby. It needed a little work but the price was right so he bought it. So far, he has added a 3-1/2" WILD HORSES Suspension Lift, a 2" body lift, Gorilla Warflares, 36" Super Swampers, ARB lockers in the front, Detroit lockers in the rear, a twin-stick Dana 20 transfer case, an NP435 transmission with a Gear Banger Shifter, and an MSD Atomic Fuel Injection on his 302 engine. He's also paid attention to appearances by adding new Corbeau Baja Seats and a Bestop Soft Top.

He took his wife and family out wheeling for the first time and the whole family is looking forward to more trips along with their fishing, camping, and cycling trips.