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Matt has been wrenching on various automobiles for over 15 years and is known as an expert on vintage VW's.


Matt grew up around cars. His uncle and grandpa were constantly in the garage doing something to one of their vehicles. As a little boy, Matt was encouraged to watch and help by handing tools and parts when requested. When he turned 16, he bought his first car and immediately began doing his own maintenance and repairs. He rarely kept a car more than a year. He would buy a car that needed work, fix it up, and then sell it so he could get another car. In the process, he learned to do body work and suspensions.

One time he was out of a job. His mom decided he didn't need to be sitting around at home so she gave him a job working at the auto shop that she managed installing and repairing suspension systems for all types of vehicles. One of his friends became convinced that Matt could fix anything. So, when he heard WILD HORSES was looking for a customer service representative who had a mechanical background, he immediately told Jim that this was the man to hire. So in 2013, Matt was invited to work at WILD HORSES.

Matt enjoys taking his family on outdoor activities such as camping and bicycle riding. He also plays the guitar.