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Johnny has been rebuilding automobiles for over 25 years and is a bass fisherman, golfer, and bowls a 283.


Johnny bought his first car shortly after getting his driver's license at 16. It was a 70 Camaro which turned out to be a gutless wonder. He was so frustrated with it that he persuaded a friend to show him how to rebuild the engine. In exchange, he helped his friend to rebuild other engines until he could take a bucket full of engine parts and reassemble it. It wasn't long and he was working in a pit crew at the local races and eventually, he drove his own vehicles in the races.

To support his racing hobby, he got a job at a parts store. After 13 years, he was persuaded to sell parts at WILD HORSES and the fun really began! The more he worked with the Broncos and got to go off-roading with Jim, the hunger for his own Bronco began to burn. He bought a 73 Bronco and then spent 3 years completely rebuilding and customizing it during his lunch hour and after work.

If Johnny isn't on a wheeling trip on the weekend, you may find him on the river bass fishing or participating in a bowling or golf tournament.