WILD HORSES has always been, and continues to be a big supporter of off-road events and early Bronco club activities.
Check our Scrapbook to see the pictures taken by our staff members that attended these events.

If you have an upcoming event, please e-mail us the event details and web page.
All events are subject to review by Wild Horses staff before posting.

  • Winter Fun Festival
    CA Assn of 4WD Clubs
    Jan. 13-15, 2017
    Nevada County Fairgrounds
    Grass Valley, CA

  • King of the Hammers

    Feb. 3 - 11, 2017
    Johnson Valley OHV
    Landers, CA
  • {assign var=url value=''} {assign var=image value='/images/Events/2013-AZ.jpg'} {assign var=event value="Arizona Classic
    Bronco Stampede"} {assign var=sponsor value="Arizona Classic Bronco"} {assign var=eventdate value="March 17-19, 2017"} {assign var=location1 value="Table Mesa Area"} {assign var=location2 value="Rock Springs, AZ
  • {assign var=url value='/wh_event_reg'} {assign var=image value='/images/uploads/17024_12910_thumb.jpg'} {assign var=event value="WILD HORSES Round-Up"} {assign var=sponsor value="WILD HORSES"} {assign var=eventdate value="April 1, 2017"} {assign var=location1 value="8:30 - 3:30 PM"} {assign var=location2 value="Lodi, CA
  • {assign var=url value=''} {assign var=image value='/images/Events/2012-BD_SuperCel.jpg'} {assign var=event value="Super Celebration"} {assign var=sponsor value="Bronco Driver Magazine"} {assign var=eventdate value="April 19-22, 2017"} {assign var=location1 value="Tally Ho Inn"} {assign var=location2 value="Townsend, TN
  • {assign var=url value=''} {assign var=image value='/images/Events/roundup2013.jpg'} {assign var=event value="TX Bronco Round Up"} {assign var=sponsor value="Lonestar Early Bronco"} {assign var=eventdate value="April 26-30, 2017"} {assign var=location1 value="Katemcy Rocks 2"} {assign var=location2 value="Mason, TX
  • {assign var=url value=''} {assign var=image value='/images/Events/2013-FFF.jpg'} {assign var=event value="Fabulous Fords Forever"} {assign var=sponsor value="Ford Car Clubs
    Western Region"} {assign var=eventdate value="April 30, 2017"} {assign var=location1 value="Knotts Berry Farm"} {assign var=location2 value="Buena Park, CA
  • {assign var=url value=''} {assign var=image value='/images/Events/2012-Moab.jpg'} {assign var=event value="Moab Bronco Safari"} {assign var=sponsor value="Utah Bronco Club"} {assign var=eventdate value="May 3-6, 2017"} {assign var=location1 value="Moab Rim Camp Ground"} {assign var=location2 value="Moab, UT
  • {assign var=url value=''} {assign var=image value='/images/Events/2012-HiDesert.jpg'} {assign var=event value="Hi Desert Round Up"} {assign var=sponsor value="CA Assn of 4WD"} {assign var=eventdate value="May 26-29, 2017"} {assign var=location1 value="Slash X"} {assign var=location2 value="Barstow, CA
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  • {* #event19# *} {assign var=url value=''} {assign var=image value='/images/Events/Bash.jpg'} {assign var=event value="Big Bear Bronco Bash"} {assign var=sponsor value="So Cal Broncos"} {assign var=eventdate value="June, 2017"} {assign var=location1 value="Majestic Moose Lodge"} {assign var=location2 value="Big Bear, CA"} {include file="display_events.tpl"}
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  • {* #event20# *} {assign var=url value=''} {assign var=image value='/images/Events/norcalrubicon2013.jpg'} {assign var=event value="Broncos on the Con"} {assign var=sponsor value="NorCal Bronco Club"} {assign var=eventdate value="June, 2017"} {assign var=location1 value="Rubicon Trail, CA"} {assign var=location2 value="Ice House Road / Loon Lake Dam"} {include file="display_events.tpl"}
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{* {assign var=url value=''} {assign var=image value='/images/Events/2013-MEB.jpg'} {assign var=event value="Mid Atlantic Bronco Roundup"} {assign var=sponsor value="Mid-Atlantic Early Broncos"} {assign var=eventdate value="June, 2017"} {assign var=location1 value="Twin Grove Campground"} {assign var=location2 value="Pine Grove, PA"} {assign var=url value=''} {assign var=image value='/images/club/EBR.gif'} {assign var=event value="Bronco 50th Anniversary"} {assign var=sponsor value="Early Bronco Registry"} {assign var=eventdate value="July, 2017"} {assign var=location1 value=""} {assign var=location2 value="Big Bear Lake, CA "} {assign var=url value=''} {assign var=image value='/images/Events/NWBR.jpg'} {assign var=event value="Northwest Bronco Roundup 2016"} {assign var=sponsor value="formerly the Oregon Unevent"} {assign var=eventdate value="August 10-13, 2016"} {assign var=location1 value="Jessie M. Honeymann Memorial State Park"} {assign var=location2 value="Florence, Oregon"} {assign var=url value=''} {assign var=image value='/images/Events/sierratrek.jpg'} {assign var=event value="Sierra Trek"} {assign var=sponsor value="CA Assn of 4WD"} {assign var=eventdate value="August 11-14, 2016"} {assign var=location1 value="Meadow Lake"} {assign var=location2 value="Truckee, CA"} {assign var=url value=''} {assign var=image value='/images/Events/CanadaRoundup.jpg'} {assign var=event value="Bronco Round-up Canada 2016"} {assign var=sponsor value=""} {assign var=eventdate value="August 19-21, 2016"} {assign var=location1 value=""} {assign var=location2 value="Red Deer, AB, Canada"} {assign var=url value=''} {assign var=image value='/images/Events/pokerrun.jpg'} {assign var=event value="Hi Sierra Poker Run"} {assign var=sponsor value="CA Assn of 4WD"} {assign var=eventdate value="September 2-5, 2016"} {assign var=location1 value="Bald Mountain Base Camp"} {assign var=location2 value="Shaver Lake, CA"} {assign var=url value=''} {assign var=image value='/images/Events/ok05.jpg'} {assign var=event value="Oklahoma Classic Bronco Roundup"} {assign var=sponsor value="Oklahoma Classic Broncos"} {assign var=eventdate value="September 21-24, 2016"} {assign var=location1 value="Superlift Offroad Park"} {assign var=location2 value="Hot Springs, Arkansas"} {assign var=url value=''} {assign var=image value='/images/Events/DesertFun.jpg'} {assign var=event value="Operation Desert Fun"} {assign var=sponsor value="CA Assn of 4WD"} {assign var=eventdate value="October 14-16, 2016"} {assign var=location1 value="Truckhaven 4X4 Training Facility"} {assign var=location2 value="Ocotillo Wells SVRA, CA"} {assign var=url value=''} {assign var=image value='/images/Events/WH-Swapmeett.jpg'} {assign var=event value="Bronctoberfest Swapmeet"} {assign var=sponsor value="WILD HORSES"} {assign var=eventdate value="October 15, 2016"} {assign var=location1 value="8:30 - 3:30"} {assign var=location2 value="Lodi, CA"} {assign var=url value=''} {assign var=image value='/images/club/EBR.gif'} {assign var=event value="Bronco Daze 2016"} {assign var=sponsor value="Early Bronco Registry"} {assign var=eventdate value="November, 2016"} {assign var=location1 value="Palm Canyon Resort and Hotel"} {assign var=location2 value="Borrego Springs, CA "} ---------------- OLD EVENTS ------------------------------------------- {assign var=url value=''} {assign var=image value='/images/Events/2013-cbmeetgreet.jpg'} {assign var=event value="7th Annual Meet & Greet"} {assign var=sponsor value="Carolina Broncos"} {assign var=eventdate value="April 13, 2013"} {assign var=location1 value="Dennis Carpenter Reproductions"} {assign var=location2 value="Concord, NC"} {assign var=url value='http://www.'} {assign var=image value='/images/club/'} {assign var=event value=""} {assign var=sponsor value=""} {assign var=eventdate value=""} {assign var=location1 value=""} {assign var=location2 value=""} *}