Door Inserts: U13 Roadster

Early Bronco Door Inserts: U13 Bronco Roadster Style

Original "Roadster Broncos" were produced from 1966-1968. The most notable difference about these early Broncos was the lack of doors. In place of the steel door was a fiberglass door insert which gave the U13 Roadster Bronco the distinctive lines we all love. Original early Bronco Roadsters should have a louvered dash speaker plate. The door insert backing plates of an original roadster are stamped steel and are not completely flat like the aftermarket ones of today.

How to identify a U13 Bronco Roadster: The U13 Bronco roadster is one of the most rare and therefore one of the most valuable models of early Bronco. Not all roadster early Broncos have retained their original door-less design. A true early Bronco Roadster model can be identified by the U13 designation at the beginning of its VIN number.