How To Choose The Right Harness For Your Toyota

All of the Painless kits come ready to install. The problems have been thought out for you and the kits were designed to be truly Painless.

If your car or truck will have additional electrical accessories such as power windows, door locks or other creature comforts, you will want additional circuits in your harness. Remember that you may want to install these items some time in the future, so now is the time to provide wiring by choosing to install a harness with extra circuits if it is available for your Toyota vehicle.

Vehicle Specific Harnesses

  • PP10107 Scout & Land Cruiser

Weatherproof Harnesses

These weatherproof harnesses feature weatherproof fuse block with clear O-ring-sealed cover, Weatherproof heat-sealed crimp-on terminals, Waterproof horn relay, and Machine crimped splices with weatherproof shrink tubing.
  • PP10143 Landcruiser/Scout 20 Circuit